Let's Plant Trees! Let's revert some damage done to our planet Earth by planting trees.

...mankind has just about conquered everything thrown at us...


Do you ever consider your impact on the planet? Do you recycle?

Have you ever picked and eaten wild mushrooms?

Perhaps "Mother Earth" isn't the best way to refer to our planet as many people have complexes related to "their mother". Perhaps we should refer to the planet as "Baby Earth". We need to be a lot more sensitive in our ways of treating our delicate planet. We can make a difference. We have conquered almost everything thrown at us. We've fought back at disease; gone as far as to nearly extirpate a few, such as "SMALLPOX" aka Variola or Variola vera. We're intelligent; we send probes to observe other planets, years of planning and astonishing calculations go into such efforts, yet we still have friends and neighbors dying from diseases can be cured with a simple, 5 minute operation, such as "Trachoma", for example.

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The site will contain profiles of trees users have planted, linked to the planter's profile and linked to Google maps where trees will have markers. Planters can take up to 1 picture per month, per tree to show the health and growth of each tree. The site will also be linked to Facebook as well as Twitter. Let's plant trees and help replenish our "Baby Earth"!

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